Redesign your workplace. Reinvent the way you work.

Because there are as many companies as there are needs, Covivio decided to shift the lines by imagining a unique offering in the European market, specially designed for entrepreneurs and professionals.

It’s a network of flexible work spaces that takes the best of co-working and reinvents it to serve one objective: the success of all your projects

Pro-working provides a completely responsive work environment. Our spaces adjust to your priorities and brand image, whatever your project, business or sector. Settle in, customize your environment and (re)invent the way you work – you’re at home here.

At Wellio, the spaces are intuitive and flexible – like you. Every area has multiple uses and configurations for your project, from the meeting rooms to the private offices and project areas. Each site’s layout is unique and emancipating, every detail is designed to help you reach your potential – carefully-selected furniture, ideal lighting, perfect acoustics, and, of course, a fast Internet connection.

At Wellio, high-end solutions are the norm. All the pieces are in place, comfortable spaces, attentive staff and custom services – for you to calmly focus on what matters most.

At Wellio, a new ecosystem is taking shape, and you’re a part of it. Our welcoming, stimulating spaces spark conversation and create synergy between major companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Everything we do is rooted in a common goal: entering a new world of work, to move forward together


Welcome to WELLIO – Pro-working spaces



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