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Welcome to Wellio

Wellio is the first pro-working network in Europe: flexible workspaces designed for your efficiency.
Dedicated offices, meeting and event spaces, coworking, convivial spaces, services and restaurants ... A new ecosystem is emerging with you.
Large groups, startups, entrepreneurs, independents: welcome to Wellio, to work differently.

Discover our spaces

Our pro-working spaces


Work toward the success of your individual or group projects in a space shared with other coworkers.

Two types of configuration:

  • Nomad desks: an office bookable by the hour for optimal flexibility.
  • Personal desks: a regular office for your long-term projects.



Desks in a private space where you can focus and think without any distractions.

  • Private offices: from 1 to 20 places according to the Wellio sites.
  • Office suites: 1 open space, 1 management office and 1 meeting room.



Collaboration and event spaces, project area for holding discussions, hosting guests and celebrating your successes.

  • Meeting rooms: multi-configuration spaces up to 36 people for different uses, from brainstorming to more formal meetings or contracts signing.
  • Event spaces: equipped spaces to ensure your presentations, conferences, seminars, design thinking workshops, after works…
  • Project set: ideal for working in a  “project mode” on a short or longer period.



Each site has areas where you can relax and take advantage of our services. You can also have a bite to eat and take a break between two projects.

  • Dining spaces with bar and shared kitchen.
  • Lounges for relaxing and chatting.
  • Welcoming common areas with sofas and gaming zone.


Wellio services

Focus on your projects

• Highly considerate staff with a Well’manager and his or her team of Well’comers
• Premium concierge service
• Catering service
• Shared / individual utility and building costs included
• Parking (subject to availability)

Wellio services

Boost your efficiency

• Ergonomic designer furniture
• Latest-generation IT equipment
• High-speed Wi-Fi
• Printing and photocopy package
• Wellio mobile app
• Mail service
• Local registered business address
• Telephone line connection, transfer

Wellio services

Spread ideas

Members and their guests have access to work, relaxation and meeting bubbles spaces for four people, as well as rooftops, patios, lobbies, connected alcoves, lounge spaces, gaming areas and more.

Wellio services

Liven up your daily routine

• A compelling event schedule: business, culture, educational, sports, well-being, discovery etc.
• Breakfast meet-ups, co-lunches, after-work events and more.

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